The Nashville Green Magazine

Nashville’s first environmental sustainability lifestyle magazine.  Spotlighting an emerging “green” culture in Nashville.  Features on budding leaders.  Fresh perspectives on Nashville’s green business, technology, transportation and culture.


It is our mission to celebrate the sustainability movement in Nashville, Tennessee and help residents embrace environmental stewardship as an every-day part of life.  Through learning and living, we will unite communities and overcome the challenges of political polarization of “red states” and “blue states”.  With the health and happiness of future generations at stake, we create our own canvas of color, combining red with blue to make purple.

Regardless of political preference or affiliation, “going green” is a good thing, and it is our goal to help Nashville unite over this observation.  Whether or not you believe in going green does not change the fact that “green” initiatives are happening all around us, every day, and that they are contributing to the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions around the U.S.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the environmental stewardship movement and to celebrate sustainability as a way to improve quality of living while saving money for families and businesses. By increasing the quality of living standards (QOL) among Nashville residents, we begin to see a new way in which people are commuting, living, working, parenting, eating and consuming. By sharing inspirational profiles of people on the forefront of the stewardship movement, we seek to not only raise the bar on eco-responsible living, but also to enlist the residents and businesses of Nashville in the movement for environmental sustainability and stewardship.