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umami vegetables
Don’t Forget the Umami
April 23, 2014

In elementary school we learned about the four tastes: sweet, salty, bitter and sour. But did you know there’s a fifth?…

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Just Beet It
April 21, 2014

Meatless Mondays Recipe of the Week We know about the many health benefits of beets, but if you’re like me, you’re…

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Benefits of All Natural Makeup
March 31, 2014

Do you eat lipstick? You may think ‘no,’ but you’d be wrong. It is estimated the average woman could consume up…

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Create a Rainforest Terrarium
September 11, 2013

Here is a cool project for kids of all ages. You can actually create a rainforest using recycled soda bottles as…

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Cloth Comeback
September 8, 2013

Most people’s idea of a good time does not involve cleaning baby poo.  But when a commitment to environmental responsibility drives…

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steamed carrots make good baby food
Homemade Baby Food Best Overall For Safety, Nutrition, Environment and Cost
August 30, 2013

Concerned about nutrition? Choose exactly what baby eats without anything extra.Making your own baby food is easy, cheap and filled with…

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Eating microgreens gives you essential vitamins all year round.
Hyper-Locavore Tip of the Day: Microgreens
August 22, 2013

Overcome the indoor drabs this winter by growing your own fresh microgreens.  Enjoy them on salads and as seasoning in meals….

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Cut Your Water Bill
August 8, 2013

Fresh water is something most of us take for granted. Just turn on the faucet and out comes fresh water.  Groundwater…

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even kids benefit from yoga
How Yoga Helped Me Touch My Toes
August 8, 2013

Before you begin reading this, I want you to take a moment, stand up, and reach to the floor – without…

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What Not to Throw Away
July 29, 2013

Ever wonder what to do with old batteries? Broken appliances? Out dated cell phones? Before you throw it in the trash,…

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