If you’ve ever dreamed of a carbon neutral holiday, or just thought that eco-friendly wasn’t compatible with luxury, then the Hotel Hutton is here for you. The proudly wear the title of Nashville’s most eco-friendly hotel”, and claim that their commitment to sustainability is ever-evolving”.

From the very moment you arrive you know that you are in the hands of a forward thinking hotel – the hotel car is an all-electric cherry red Tesla, and there are numerous charging stations, should you wish to drive down in your own electric vehicle. The building was renovated from an old office building from the 1970s, and has been repurposed to meet the energy efficient standards of the Hotel Hutton ethos. The hotel has actually been recognized by the Tennessee Hospitality Association for Green Initiatives for its contribution to environmentally driven hospitality.

On their website the Hotel Hutton claim that “Green mindfulness influences everything we do—from guest transportation to interior design. We are green from the ground up.” Every tiny little detail about the hotel is driven by a passion to be as efficient and waste-less as possible; from the low power LED and fluorescent lighting that illuminates the hotel and renewable bamboo flooring and furniture, to the reclaimed wood furnishings in the restaurant and the laundry water recycling program. All the linen is re-used, the cleaning products are all biodegradable, and the Eco Disc” elevators have been designed as too reduce energy consumption by up to 70 percent. Air-blade dryers reduce paper waste in the bathrooms, while water free toilets keep water usage to a minimum, and to top it all off the roof has been designed to capture and store every little drop of heat that it can!

Although the idea might seem far-fetched, it addresses a growing gap in the market, where people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint in every manner possible. It is fantastic to see this market being exploited with such high standards. Perhaps every hotel in Nashville will have to up their game to keep up with the environmental standards of the Hotel Hutton.

Photo by Shawn Krise