What was once a landfill, the Bordeaux Wildlife Area is now a park.

What was once a landfill, the Bordeaux Wildlife Area is now a park.

Garbage Pit is Transformed into Green Space

Nashville residents have a new nature preserve. Already home to a growing population of wildlife, the preserve resides atop the old Bordeaux Landfill, Nashville’s garbage pit and biggest eye sore through 1996. Now the wildlife preserve will not only begin to repair the environment with over 35 species of animals, wild grasses, trees and other wildlife, but also renew the neighborhoods in the area.

Trash Piles are Bad Feng Shui

The Bordeaux Landfill had many negative ecological and socioeconomic impacts, including decreased property values, less access to services and retail (remember Fountain Square?) and high, seemingly unchecked crime rates and poor schools, to name a few. These factors accumulated by the ’90’s and were likely the cause of most local businesses closing and residents fleeing North Nashville.

The Reclamation of Bordeaux

The Bordeaux Wildlife Habitat was created after a decade of cleanup, including toxic soil removal, methane neutralization and planting new vegetation, according to NBC.com. The opening of the park corresponds with other green initiatives set fourth by Mayor Karl Dean.

“Having a place for wildlife and natural vegetation like grass and plants is important for a city,” said Dean. “And the fact that this is an old landfill that is now being recognized as a wildlife preserve is a … positive thing for the city.”

So if you haven’t lately, head up to the north side and check it out. Bring your binoculars for bird watching!

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