#4: The Wild Cow

The Wild Cow can make even the most avid carnivore a veggie-believer. Owners Melanie and John Cochran have created a culinary marvel as they strive “to provide delicious, cruelty-free, healthy food to the people of Middle Tennessee.”

The Wild Cow owners As devoted animal lovers, both John and Melanie were vegetarian for years.  After deciding to go fully vegan (no dairy, meat or food containing animal by-products), they discovered a serious lack of vegan restaurants in Nashville, so they opened one.  The Cochran’s have worked hard to create a welcoming environment.  No matter the customer’s personal beliefs, vegan, vegetarian or not, all are welcome to partake.

When asked about skeptics, Davis said he prefers to let the food speak for itself.  Melanie also noted that many customers enter The Wild Cow with little or no knowledge of vegan cuisine.  These newcomers may not become another loyal patron, but all who enter leave with a new perspective on vegan cuisine.

The Wild Cow vegetarian nachosIn addition to their commitment to quality vegan cuisine, the Cochran’s and their staff make significant efforts towards being a sustainable business.  While The Wild Cow has always been environmentally conscious, six months ago they began to focus on sourcing local ingredients.  Their primary supplies are from Nashville Grown, a local food sourcing company, and Creation Garden, an all-green Wholesaler.  From these marvelous ingredients, their chef and general manager Nick Davis collaborates with The Wild Cow Team to create their menu.

The menu has many staples like their vegan sandwiches. There are specials and seasonal items as well.  To create their culinary concoctions, Davis usually begins with existing recipes and then starts to experiment.  Though he did not receive any culinary training, he began learning to cook during college out of necessity.  Davis has been with The Wild Cow since the beginning and received the rest of his training on the job.

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