Editor's Note:  This restaurant is closed.

#3: The Mad Platter

The Mad Platter was green before going green was cool.  Craig and Marsha Jervis opened it 20 years ago and sustainability has been a priority since day one.  Jamie Protich is their general manager/chef/bottlewasher. She and their team are responsible for their incredible food and atmosphere. The menu centers on seasonal ingredients.  They source the food from local vendors like the Nashville Farmers Market.

sustainable lamb chops at the Mad Platter in NashvilleBesides sourcing local ingredients, The Mad Platter has an amazing garden and composting setup.  They utilize fresh produce from their garden for the menu whenever possible.  The flowers that decorate the table are picked fresh from the flower garden.  It seems that in every nook and cranny, they have planted something green and beautiful.  They utilize produce scraps from the kitchen to create compost and use that nutrient-rich material to fertilize the plants.

Composting takes dedication and commitment, but The Mad Platter Staff has that in spades.  They collect the produce scraps into a bucket, and the dedicated dishwasher, Alfredo Hernandez lugs it across the street to deposit in the compost pile.  Owner Craig Jervis is the head composter, and as Protich explains, it is an art and a science.

Recycling is also a huge part of the Mad Platter’s green mission.  They divide and sort everything into plastic bins and haul it off as needed. They also utilize a rain collection barrel to water their garden.


In addition to all of these initiatives, they are active in their community.  The Mad Platter supports the Sierra Club and TN Land Trust.   The Mad Platter is a committed member of the green community in Nashville. They are focused on making quality food in a sustainable way.  Anyone who has experienced their food, knows they have succeeded.

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