Editor's Note:  This restaurant is closed.

#2: Silly Goose

Silly Goose opened as a sandwich shop.  Chef and owner Roderick Bailey began his restaurant with no stove, half the space of his current restaurant, and a limited kitchen.  Since the beginning, sustainability and quality have been a primary concern. These factors were the driving force behind implementing a recycling program for the building.  This recycling program benefits all the businesses in the shopping center.

Bailey says that as a chef, he wants to create food that tastes good.  He also believes that, in general, sustainable food is more tasty. According to him, when produce has been newly harvested, it is better than those stored in a warehouse for weeks.

Silly Goose sign in NashvilleNow Silly Goose offers the sandwiches that made their business, like King Kong and The Bird, for lunch.  For dinner, they add more entrees inspired by seasonal ingredients and the creativity of the Silly Goose Team.  Bailey utilizes many local purveyors including Noble Springs and Kenny’s Farmhouse for cheese.  They also use Nashville Grown and Green Door Gourmet for fresh produce whenever available. The coffee comes from Portland Brew, it is ground to order, and brewed using a French Press.  Though finding the volume of sustainable protein they need has proven to be a challenge, they always ensure their meats are humanely raised, hormone free, and responsibly-sourced.

In addition to utilizing locally-sourced foods, the employees are local as well.  Of the fifteen employees, all but one are close enough to walk or bike to work.  The staff are equally committed to Silly Goose’s initiatives as well. Especially sous chef Ashlee Saylor, who helps Bailey organize their recycling program and keeps the staff committed to maintaining that program.  Beyond sustainable food and recycling, The Silly Goose does not use styrofoam.  In fact, they pay 40% more for compostable to-go containers and cups.

This commitment to having a small environmental impact is evident in their cuisine and practices.  Though quality is their main focus, sustainable practices are a major priority.  From the herb garden in the front to the local purveyors, their commitment to being green is pervasive.  Whether you visit for a casual lunch or an upscale dinner, you are in for a sustainable treat.

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