#1: Flyte

Flyte is a foodie’s paradise.  Co-owners Scott Sears and Scott Atkinson opened their restaurant in 2006 with a vision to be environmentally-friendly.  Flyte offers palate-pleasing delights, and according to their website, the restaurant “aspires to engage our diners with local, sustainable cuisine, exceptional wines and finely-crafted beers.”  It is a perfect destination for any food-lover who wants to support green business.

Flyte co-owner Scott SearsThey utilize several sustainable business practices.  In their restaurant, they use recycled material.  They do not use styrofoam containers, the majority of their lights are compact fluorescent bulbs, and wherever possible, their faucets have low-flow water fixtures.  In addition to all of these practices, they recycle as much as possible and resell their used vegetable oil.  Most importantly, they utilize local producers for their food.

Since its inception, Flyte has always been environmentally-conscious, but when Matt Lackey became the chef in 2007, he brought their green initiatives to another level.  One hundred percent of their produce is sourced from local growers, as is a majority of their protein.  The seafood is line-caught or net-caught in small-batch single-boat fishing.  In addition to forming relationships with his producers, Matt has a garden of his own where he works to preserve local plant life or seed saving.  The compost collected from Flyte goes directly to Matt’s garden.

Flyte seared fishSeasonality is the driving force behind Flyte’s menu.  One of the challenges faced by the Flyte Crew is changing the menu according to what is available and the quality of the ingredients.  Usually, Matt writes the menu only 30 minutes before the doors open.  That means Matt and his staff must print the menus and update the website just moments before the customers walk through the doors.  This is no easy feat for the staff, but it ensures the customer receives the best meal and experience.

Flyte is a fine-dining restaurant committed to providing quality sustainable foods to the people of Nashville.  They collaborate with sustainable producers to provide an amazing dining experience.  If you want a little pampering with your sustainable living, Flyte is the place to treat yourself.  While you are indulging, you can feel good about the sustainable business you are supporting.

By Dee Gross