#5:  Sloco

Sloco is no ordinary sandwich shop. Owner Jeremy Barlow is dedicated to creating a sustainable food system that allows everyone to enjoy healthy food.  He is convinced that sustainable food is the best food.  Barlow came to this conclusion through his quest to “put the best food on the plate”.  He worked at Tayst for nine years and focused on farm-to-table cuisine.  With Sloco, however, Barlow can passionately pursue his mission to provide sustainable foods to the community.

Sloco works with local farmers to provide seasonal ingredients at an affordable cost.  Their motto is “If it’s not in season, we don’t have it.” Sloco has competitive prices and a casual atmosphere.  The average price per sandwich is about $7.25, only 10 percent higher than chain restaurants.  When you factor in the quality and impact on the environment and health, Sloco is the place to go.

Sloco sandwich made with local meat

Besides providing sustainable foods, Sloco has other green initiatives.  The restaurant divides its waste into trash, recycling, compost, and glass. (I would insert those picture here).  They also provide instructions as to which waste item should go in which bin.  These actions reduce waste that would otherwise occupy valuable space in landfills and provide composting to the very farmers from which they source. Barlow is also an active member in the green community.  He has lobbied local, state, and federal government for positive changes. Lipscomb University gave him the 2012 Sustainable Business Leader Award.   He shares his vision of making positive change in his book, Chefs Can Save the World. His zeal is evident and contagious.

Sloco provides delectable-sustainable fare for the eco-conscious consumer, or just any hungry customer looking for tasty food on 12 Ave North.  Barlow is committed to changing our food system for the better.  Today there is one Sloco, but someday there will be dozens, providing local, sustainable, eco-friendly, nutritious, and just plain scrumptious foods across the nation.  They are changing the way we think about food, one sandwich at a time.

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