Getting Back to Basics for Baby – Nashville Parents are Turning to Cloth Diapers

Smile, Mommy! is Nashville’s premier cloth diaper home service catering to both Davidson and Williamson county parents. They are helping parents, babies and our planet by reducing the amount of disposable diapers used each year. Owner Kelly Bacher took some time to tell us how it got started.

Kelly Bacher founded Smile Mommy! in Nashville with her husband.

Kelly Bacher founded Smile Mommy! in Nashville with her husband.

It began when she and hubby were expecting their first child, and the company was closing its doors. She told us, “We had made environmentally responsible choices in other aspects of our lives and wanted to do the same with parenting. When we heard that in a house with a child in diapers, disposable diapers represent 50% of household waste, we knew there had to be a better way.”

Roughly 320,000 disposables end up tossed out, and into the landfill, every day. It takes about 450 years for these to decompose. The plastic bits will never break down. There is also the possibility of groundwater contamination. All of these threats can be eliminated with the use of cloth diapers.

That better way turned out to be a big take-over. When Kelly learned the company was closing, they offered to buy. “It allowed me to stay home with my children and still do something that I’m passionate about.”

She shows her passion for helping our environment while giving our little ones, and our moms, the very best. “The diaper service launders and delivers 100% cotton diapers to your door each week that are pH balanced for baby’s skin. We provide all of the accessories needed to cloth diaper, including waterproof covers and the airtight diaper pail. Our prices are comparable to disposable diapers, but you get the convenience of delivery!”

Once parents sign up for service, here is what they can expect:
1. Starter kit delivered to your home and online tutorial.
2. Contact Smile, Mommy! when baby comes home.
3. Use provided clean clothes to diaper baby.
4. Place dirty clothes in supplies pail.
5. Leave out bag of dirty diapers on your scheduled pick up day. (They will even make the switch if you aren’t able to be home.)
6. Smile, Mommy! picks up those dirty rags and drop off cleans ones in the wake.

They are not limited to their own products either. “We offer monthly free workshops about cloth diapering. The workshops don’t only cover Smile, Mommy!’s products and how the diaper service works, but we also discuss laundering at home and how to decide the best cloth diapering products for your family.”

By Rachel West

Images courtesy of Smile Mommy!