Nashville’s Best Eco-Aware Eating Establishments

Some of the most amazing dining experiences for me involve sustainable restaurants.  Amazing cuisine and a commitment to quality and ethical business practices can be found at some of Nashville’s best restaurants. We’ve picked a handful that stand out:

  1. Flyte
  2. The Wild Cow
  3. Sloco

Can be any combination of sustainable / local / vegetarian / vegan.   Even if you aren’t a hardcore vegan or vegetarian, these places have that certain je ne sais quois which attracts Nashville foodies of all sorts.

Sustainably Delicious

For many food lovers, words like ‘sustainable,’ ‘fair trade,’ and ‘cruelty-free’ are not associated with quality.  More likely these terms conjure up images of bad tofu and wheat grass.  Many Nashville restaurants, however, are proof-positive that utilizing resources in a responsible way can be good for the conscience AND the stomach.